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Monday, August 3, 2015

Book Review" "Saint Paul" by Irving L. Brittle Jr.

 Book Review 

Saint Paul 
by Irving L. Brittle Jr.

I have had this book for a while as we have been in the midst of a physical move. As a result, I had had a bit of time to give this a good deep review and admit that I am pleased with it. I was a bit skeptical at first, but found his references to the history of Paul and his writings  to be compelling to me as my "hobby" is to follow archaeology. As such, I found a lot of what he wrote to be accurate and found myself walking with Paul as he traveled. The fact that he took each of Paul's letters and went into them, I found also interesting. I recommend this book for students, ministers and researchers. It should not be looked at as a comprehensive study, but as a companion, as I believe that this is how it presents itself.

For the positives, there are some negatives. I did find some typos in the book, but as I'm not perfect myself, I overlook these - there weren't that many. The one thing that I did find that stands out, is that there was some conjecture stated as "matter of factual" that I would like to have had further referenced and defined. There is a mention that Paul's father was a tanner and that is why he chose that as a profession while traveling later in life. I would like to know the reference for this if there is one, as I have not seen one to date to make such a claim.  Another not so much a negative as a personal don't like preference, is that he just copies a lot directly from study bibles. It is a preference, that if I wanted that I would go look it up, rather than have to wade through it in his writing - when his writing has some very concise and fresh outlooks in it. 

It is a good book, and I recommend it. I definitely will be using it and referring to it in my own class and study development. 


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